Wandering Wednesdays

Last week, I took a 4 hour-long walk through Paris, which is about 3 miles, according to the google map I made for myself.  The objective: photograph some specialty pastry shops for a blog I just started writing for (here’s an article I wrote for them).  I did end up finding the pastry shops I had intended to visit, but a couple of them were closed for the summer holidays (damn you, August!).  More importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed wandering somewhat aimlessly through smaller streets.  I made sure to wear comfortable shoes so that I had no reason to cut my day short.

The weather was absolutely crazy, the bipolar kind of crazy.  Every 30 minutes, there would be a sudden shift between sunny and stormy, and vice versa.  I think I managed to capture the extremes in these photos.  Since I took so many photos that day, I’ll just include half of what I captured; the other half will come next wednesday!

P.S. Two things I learned from editing these photos:  I really LOVE doors and windows.  Something about the possibilities that lie within, I suppose…
Sun and Clouds over Notre DameParisian Door in Blue Earthy Parisian Door Place Saint SulpiceParisian Windows with Leaves Two Roads Diverge in Paris

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