Bringing Paris to my Hometown Coffee Shop


Just like most humans, I enjoy coffee, and just like tons of people my age, I LOVE coffee shops. A coffee shop is almost like a second home; a place where you go to spend hours studying or catching up with friends. We all have our favorite haunts, and for me, that was Sagebrush Café. It was the first coffee shop I ever visited before finding other favorites in other cities. Sagebrush is my coffee home.

I always had it in the back of my mind that I would love to show my photographs at Sagebrush – they’ve been featuring the work of local artists on their walls pretty much since they opened 7 years ago, and I’ve been interested in photography since high school. They’re part of a new culture that has arisen in the Antelope Valley, a refreshing and uplifting change that was much-needed in this sprawling desert suburb. Within the last few years, an art museum and community of local creatives has sprung up. The Antelope Valley is the kind of place that every high school kid wants to escape, to run away from the moment graduation is over. I was one of those kids, but I find myself drawn back not only because of my family who still live there, but also because of establishments like Sagebrush Café.

When they approached me, asking if I’d like to show some of my travel photographs, I immediately said yes.

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Wandering Wednesdays

Last week, I took a 4 hour-long walk through Paris, which is about 3 miles, according to the google map I made for myself.  The objective: photograph some specialty pastry shops for a blog I just started writing for (here’s an article I wrote for them).  I did end up finding the pastry shops I had intended to visit, but a couple of them were closed for the summer holidays (damn you, August!).  More importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed wandering somewhat aimlessly through smaller streets.  I made sure to wear comfortable shoes so that I had no reason to cut my day short.

The weather was absolutely crazy, the bipolar kind of crazy.  Every 30 minutes, there would be a sudden shift between sunny and stormy, and vice versa.  I think I managed to capture the extremes in these photos.  Since I took so many photos that day, I’ll just include half of what I captured; the other half will come next wednesday!

P.S. Two things I learned from editing these photos:  I really LOVE doors and windows.  Something about the possibilities that lie within, I suppose…

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Visual Diary: Early Summer Blur

It’s been a long time since my last Visual Diary, so I think it’s time for an update. These type of posts really help me to understand my current state of mind and get a new perspective on the state of my life. Sometimes it’s easy to become wrapped up in whatever thoughts or worries you have at the moment, and you forget that you’re actually living a pretty decent life.

The past couple months I’ve been preoccupied with a babysitting job that left me feeling tired and sometimes stressed out every weekend. I tried to get out and do things, which certainly helped my mood, but didn’t yield very much good blog content.  Time has almost felt non-existent, like a blur, like I was only half-awake through May and June.  Leaving my last day of baby-sitting, I almost felt like a kid leaving school for summer vacation again, except that it was cold and rainy that day. Is it summer yet??

I did manage, however, to spend some time with a couple California friends who were travelling through Paris.  I also managed to share some lovely meals out at restaurants, sprawl out in the grass under the sun with my sweetheart, explore the gardens and smaller palaces of Versailles, and have a few walkabouts through Paris.  It hasn’t been the most exciting couple months, but I really needed a break in the monotony of unemployment I was wallowing in before.

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Found Objects of May: 5 Gorgeous Instagram Accounts

My favourite social media outlet is, without a doubt, Instagram.  Twitter can be funnier, for sure, but I definitely prefer images.  You can get an actual glimpse into someone’s life, and it encourages you to find good things in your own life to share.   It can also be very inspiring – some of instagram accounts out there are like art portfolios.

I’m constantly on the hunt for new people to follow, but I thought I’d share with you the top 5 accounts that I consistently give hearts to.  I know there’s so many other wonderful Instagrammers out there, but these are just a handful of the greatness that I’ve discovered thus far!  I tried to pick accounts that don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers already, in an attempt to distribute the love more evenly all around.

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