About French Californian

Hello, my name is Hannah.

Born and raised in the Mojave Desert of Southern California, my interest in French culture began in high school. What started with a couple French classes and a week-long educational trip through France with my Mom, turned into a 4-year long expat adventure later in life. I got my foot into Paris just like many others before me: as a student. I was an Art-History major. Three months into the program, I met a guy, later married him, and decided to stick around for a bit longer.

Fast forward a few years and I’m back in Southern California with my Swedish man Erik. Living in both Paris and Versailles was a crazy, beautiful, life-changing experience , but it wasn’t all baguettes and cheese. You can read some of my honest reflections of living full-time in France herehere, here, and here.


While I was there, I worked for Paris Perfect Rentals as a social media manager, photographer, blogger, copywriter extraordinaire.

Now, I’m a photographer of places and spaces, and I occasionally blog about the places I go and feelings I have about them. I love to photograph the world around me, especially when it involves travel or really beautiful design.

If you’re seeking a photographer, have a question about Paris or Versailles, or simply want to chat, feel free to get in touch.