Mont Saint Michel

Road Trip Day 3 – Mont Saint Michel

My best friend Natalie and I decided to take a quick 4-day road trip through France, more specifically, Normandy.  What follows is an account of the events, sights, and stories that took place.  This is the final instalment – you can see day 1 HERE and day 2 HERE.

After waking up in our cute and comfortable Airbnb room, we decided we couldn’t leave Bayeux without seeing the famous Bayeux tapestry, which is recognized as an official piece of world heritage by UNESCO, and for good reason.  It’s a major source of historical, cultural, and artistic information.  I strongly recommend following the free audio guide because it guides you through the crazy (and sometimes funny) story being depicted.  I usually bypass the audio guides at museums, but this one was truly entertaining, and essential in my opinion.

Next, we hopped in our car, and headed toward MONT SAINT MICHEL!  After getting lost, of course.  My favourite part of the drive was seeing little glimpses of the mont from a distance.  The land leading up to the fortress is mostly flat grassy land, so the Mont really stands out on the horizon.  It was incredible, really.  The closer we got, the more it made me feel like I was headed towards Hogwarts!  Too bad I didn’t get sorted into a house upon arrival… (I was hoping for Gryffindor).  I wouldn’t be surprised if Hogwarts was inspired by the Mont.

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Wandering Wednesdays

Last week, I took a 4 hour-long walk through Paris, which is about 3 miles, according to the google map I made for myself.  The objective: photograph some specialty pastry shops for a blog I just started writing for (here’s an article I wrote for them).  I did end up finding the pastry shops I had intended to visit, but a couple of them were closed for the summer holidays (damn you, August!).  More importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed wandering somewhat aimlessly through smaller streets.  I made sure to wear comfortable shoes so that I had no reason to cut my day short.

The weather was absolutely crazy, the bipolar kind of crazy.  Every 30 minutes, there would be a sudden shift between sunny and stormy, and vice versa.  I think I managed to capture the extremes in these photos.  Since I took so many photos that day, I’ll just include half of what I captured; the other half will come next wednesday!

P.S. Two things I learned from editing these photos:  I really LOVE doors and windows.  Something about the possibilities that lie within, I suppose…

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