Visual Diary: Rainy Days, Petit Palais, and other Life Things

Visual Diary: Rainy Days, Petit Palais, and other Life Things

The past couple weeks have been quite drizzly, blustery, and chilly. I find that time seems to be passing more quickly and naturally now – I’ve stopped counting the passing weekends, and stopped feeling panicky about the unknown future. The residence card should be in the works as we speak, and I’ve got a babysitting job lined up for the fall. I’ve even managed to pick up a little side job for a couple months, which will fund both my student loan payments due in June, as well as my summertime-BFF-Spain trip planned for August. I am far from having everything figured out, but who ever really does?

I was walking through a long, conveyor-belt strip in the Montparnasse metro station a while back, and noticed an advertisement that stretched the entire length of the tunnel. The Paris metro always contains ads for spectacles and temporary art exhibitions, and this particular one was adorned with Belle Epoque images of the Eiffel Tower, World’s Fair, Toulouse-Lautrec posters, the Moulin Rouge… basically the quintessential historical Paris. I know I had to see the exhibition asap, because that’s my time period! It was housed within the gorgeous Petit Palais and had a wide variety of both art and “cultural artefacts,” if you will. Photographs, posters, paintings, garments, books, furniture, an Art Nouveau metro archway, you name it. I tried to get pictures of things, but the lighting is always impossibly low in these kind of exhibitions. We failed to buy advance tickets online to avoid the line, but in the end managed to pick a good day and only waited in the queue for about 25 minutes, and ate some pastries to pass the time!

This week was the first of my new short-term babysitting gig, so I’ve been out of the house more often than usual, and have focused less on my blog. However, I have been working on a new wordpress-based site design that I’m really excited about! I have a vision for this blog, one that reaches out into other realms, and I really feel that I can achieve this vision if I just keep working at it a little everyday.

Married life has also been especially excellent as of late. I’ve had a pessimistic, jaded, fearful view of marriage for many years, but I’m happy to say that our relationship at the moment is blatantly defying every single one of those apprehensions. I love everything about this guy, and regardless of what I do with my life, at least I have this really weird, funny, caring person next to me.

À bientôt mes amies!

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