Playing with Proportions

I was browsing through the last vestiges of the summer sale in Zara the other day, and came across these two pieces.  I fell in love with this skirt – its vintage cut and a bright-pastel, lilac color.  I feel quite ladylike in it, because it nips in so nicely at the waist.  Unfortunately, it’s made from a linen-like material, so wrinkles spread like wildfire, and I don’t own a clothing iron.  However, let’s all take a moment to celebrate the fact that the original price of this skirt was around 45, but I scored it for 17!!!!  And the little crop top?  1.99!  Good deals give me such a life-high!

I’m quite wary of crop tops because of my larger bust, although in theory they should be very helpful in terms of adding height to my short legs… it’s a catch-22.  I liked the idea of putting the crop top over a high-wasted skirt; it just feels easier and more fresh than tucking in a blouse.  I think this skirt runs the risk of looking very old-fashioned, so I was careful about how I styled it.  Maybe it’s not the MOST flattering outfit on my body, but I shouldn’t let things like my natural body shape deter me from wearing whatever the hell I want.  That’s a lesson I continually have to remind myself of, almost on a day-to-day basis.


I decided to echo the hue of the skirt in my lip color, which is actually just a light wash of a Wet-n-Wild lipstick that cost probably 2 bucks.  I purchased it when I was lusting after a YSL lipstick in a similar colour, which has an obscene price tag.  It’s more of a blue-toned, bright pink, and this Wet-n-Wild dupe does the job well enough for me!  I don’t typically wear lipsticks full-on anyway, I prefer more of a stain.

Also – I cut my hair!  The water here near Paris is SO full of chemicals that my hair gets weighed-down and damaged very quickly.  I’ve been trying to get rid of  the build up using apple cider vinegar about once a week, and making sure to condition A LOT with moisturising shampoos, conditioners, and oils… but that’s a topic for another day.

I really need to get myself a straightener for these new bangs.  They look pretty good at first, but if it gets too humid, they curl up and can look a bit wild.

We found another spot to take photos, and I really liked the idea of the lilac, light chartreuse, and sky-blue colors together in one image.  Here’s what happened:front-side sillyposeI can’t end this post without giving you an image of my husband, Erik.  He was kindly being my test-shot model, and although he doesn’t feel super comfortable in front of a camera, I think his pose is spot-on!  And yes, that’s the super overexposed Eiffel Tower in the background.  <3lilac-skirt-crop-top-1

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