Visual Diary: French Summer

How does one have a quintessential French summer?  The biggest requirement is to abandon all work and responsibilities and head for the beaches of Greece or the Côte d’Azure for the entirety of August – my version of a getaway will come later in the month.  What is also typically Parisian is attending an awesome music festival, and sipping cold rosé, which I also have not done yet, since I’m a hopeless home-body. What I have been doing, however, is enjoying the pleasant weather in the form of picnics, sunbathing, and lounging on the terrasse of bars and restaurants with friends.

I also had the pleasure of (finally) meeting my new sister-in-law Cecilia.  Needless to say, she was lovely and we all enjoyed our long weekend together. I’ll tell the story of the last 10 days or so in the form of pictures and captions:

I bought some flowers from the market to liven up the apartment.
Brunch at Maison Alexandre – bread with various toppings, orange juice, coffee, eggs, salad – yum.
Sunbathing at a man-made lake in Versailles.
pool hall
Drinking and socialising at the local pool hall
Petit Trianon Garden
Exploring the gardens near the Petit Trianon, Marie Antoinette’s domain.
Cecilia looking perf.
We wandered down a small pathway and happened upon a sun-room next to a lake! This place has so much to explore.
Amazing tree. Many of the branches were hollow, allowing them to stretch out at impossible angles. It created the most beautiful canopy under which one can hide.
We found the most gorgeous spot for portraits hidden away on a side-path.
How can a wall be so charming?
Wandering through the Petit Trianon – much more rustic than the main palace.
I’m obsessed with the walls in palaces and old homes. Many rooms were this amazing shade of minty turquoise in the Petit Trianon.
How would you like to wake up to this every morning?

I’ve had a great summer so far, even if I haven’t gotten out as much as I imagine in my Parisian-life-fantasy.  My best friend is coming in only THREE WEEKS!!  It’s been almost 7 months since we’ve seen each other, so we’re going to have the most epic vacation!  Can’t wait to share that with you all.  Until then!

I'm a Californian in my mid-twenties who studied Art History and lived in France for 3 years. I blog honestly about my travels, share my thoughts on life, and get poetic about art and photography. I also sell prints of my photographs on Etsy.

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