True American

If a Levi’s classic-blue denim jacket and high-tops don’t say American, then I don’t know what does.  Add to that the fact that I had just stuffed my belly full of  honey mustard chicken sandwich and root beer at Breakfast in America, and I think I deserve a prize.

This has been an easy outfit choice lately.  It’s comfortable, no-fuss, and breathable for when the sun gets warm.  I just hate getting blisters and sore feet from wearing heels, and even more so, getting stinky flats from going sock-less on hot days.  That’s why sneakers are so nice – they allow me to wear socks, and they don’t pinch my poor, wide, Flintstone feet.

Fall outift levis converse american in parisI got this jacket at a vintage shop for 10€, and I really love the idea of it.  However, it makes me feel a little boxy, and my movements become a bit restricted.  Hopefully it’ll break in more with time, and as for the boxiness, that can’t really be fixed now can it?  I suppose rolling up the sleeves prevents the shape from swallowing me up.converse-denim-dress-4converse-denim-dress-5converse-denim-dress-6


Do you wear sneakers with dresses?  Let me know any of your thoughts in the comments!

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