The Tunic Dress

For many people, the sight of a tunic spurs on a series of question marks: Is this a shirt or a dress?  Can I get away with wearing this with bare legs?  Should I wear tights underneath? Or perhaps skinny jeans?

However, for me, possessing only 61 inches (155 cm) of height, a tunic can most definitely always be worn as a dress. The questions I ask myself are slightly different; having quite a large bust, my personal dilemma is: Should I belt this or leave it hanging straight?  Either accentuate breast size and risk looking top-heavy, or let it be a shapeless potato sack and risk looking like – a potato sack.  I can’t decide which variation I prefer, but for the purposes of this article, I went for the belt.


I really like these nude sandal-wedge-bootie hybrids because they’re pretty much a visual non-entity.  They sorta just fade into the rest of my leg.  However, my feet become really pinched and unhappy after about 2 hours. I’m not sure if the problem stems from the shoes or my wide feet.

I then paired the dress with my new necklace.  It looks like three metal ropes covered in muted-neon cyan paint.  I’m loving this muted neon trend!  It’s like traditional neon, minus the garishness. (detail shot in the first image)

ootd-darkdress-necklace-4 ootd-darkdress-necklace-8

And just a bonus, here’s Erik being a dork with Mr. Frog.  And if you wanted to know, this is what our little apartment looks like from the outside, nothin’ fancy, but still our little home.  The wall I’ve been taking outfit photos in front of is literally just outside our front door.  The lower window ledges act as a perfect tripod for self-timer mode when Erik isn’t around to take photos of me.  Maybe soon I’ll work up the confidence and energy to branch out into more interesting locations!


à bientôt!

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