Unique Parisian Restaurants: Floyd’s

One of my favourite things to do is try out new, unique estaurants in Paris.  Yes, the food is certainly an important factor, but I actually tend to get more excited about the interior design, to be honest!  Especially when you walk into a fresh, empty dining room, before anyone else has arrived – I was able to photograph this place without interference!  Like my own personal showroom.
Unique Paris Restaurants: Floyd'sUnique Paris Restaurants: Floyd'sMy favourite part of Floyd’s wasn’t just the rough floor, the rich wood, or the south-western elements – it was this lovely little sky-lit room in the very back.  It almost looks as if you’ve stepped into the derelict courtyard of an adobe home in New Mexico.  There’s even a little planter filled with cacti.

One question I often ask myself is why I like broken-down things so much.  What about cracked stones, holes, and faded paint gets me going?  My only guess is that the mixture of those dirty-looking things combined with clean, crisp, fresh furniture makes for a good pairing.  White marble against a filthy stone floor: heaven.  Perhaps I also like the idea of taking something old and making it new again, giving it a new life.  Or another thought – maybe I love old things because I rarely saw anything constructed before the 1960s in Southern California.  Things that look like they have a long history spark my imagination.Unique Paris Restaurants: Floyd'sUnique Paris Restaurants: Floyd'sUnique Paris Restaurants: Floyd'sAs far as the food goes, it’s heavily inspired by the South and the South-West of the US, but they also have a very British Sunday roast.  The highlight for me was definitely the corn chowder.  Almost on-par with my step-dad’s famous corn chowder!  They also have BBQ ribs, cornbread, lemonade, etc.Corn ChowdersodaFloyd’s is owned and operated by a French-American couple, so the international vibe is real (they even have pecan pie).  The dining room becomes a bit more poppin’ during the dinner hours, so I would suggest grabbing food and some cocktails, and just chilling out here for a few hours with some good friends and good conversations.

You can find Floyd’s in the 10th Arrondissement – not the classiest of neighbourhoods, but not far from the Grand Boulevards area, which is full of pubs and nightlife.  Just maybe don’t stray too far south past Strasboug-Saint-Denis, as I walked past what looked like a fair number of brothels the other day… haha.  Just put on your “metro-face,” don’t speak english too loud, walk like you know where you’re going, and you’ll be fiiiiiine!  Nobody wants to mess with someone who looks and acts like a true, tough Parisian.

11 rue d’Enghien, 75010 Paris

Metro Bonne Nouvelle or Chateau d’Eau

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