Montmartre – Fête des Vendanges

Did you know that there’s a small vineyard in Paris? It’s in the most charming quartier of Paris (in my opinion), Montmartre.

Every October, the grapes are harvested, and while they’re at it, they throw a big party for an entire weekend. I decided to check it out on a whim, and found it to be so worth the crowds and the hike up the hill! Tons of food stands are set up around Sacré Coeur selling artesianal cheese, dozens of types of sausage, all varieties of regional wines, and even some ethnic food. My friends and I bought a HUGE bottle of homemade Sangria for 5 euro, which we split among ourselves, and I enjoyed a sausage in a baguette topped with grilled onions and peppers. We found a nice little spot on the steps in front of the basilica, ate our delicious meal, and then watched the firework show! I think it’s so great that drinking a few glasses of wine “in the streets” is perfectly acceptable here, it makes having a great time with friends that much easier.

It has been raining every single day for about two weeks now, but fortunately, the rain stopped just long enough for us to enjoy the night without having to battle it out with a sea of umbrellas.

{A couple of my study abroad buddies!}

{Tons of people and some food stands}

{The view of the city from Sacré Coeur is awesome}

{THIS is where I bought my hot dog – mmmmmmm}


{A group of drunk guys singing a song}

{A Frenchman being French with Heather}


{My girls :)}

Can every weekend be like this weekend please?!

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