Transitioning – Late Nights and Soirées

As I’m debating whether or not I want to spend 50 Euros on a one-day pass to Pitchfork music festival, I decided to compose a blog post on last weekend. It was a weekend full of much social-butterlying (I just made up that word), which is quite a refreshing change from all the sight-seeing I’ve been doing for the past month and a half. It’s like I’m actually living here now, not just visiting. About time! Since I am, in fact, living here.

On Friday night, a friend and I were invited to a French apartment get-together, but I prefer to call it a French soirée. Much wine flowed, and much badly-spoken French and English conversation ensued. You see, at first it was a bit awkward, with the language barrier and all, but after we all loosened up, things went swimmingly! We somehow, without discussing it, ended up speaking to one another in our respective native languages, so that each participant in a given conversation felt equally as awkward and self-conscious of their bad grammar and lack of vocabulary. We spoke of our reasons for being in Paris, cultural stereotypes, what the correct word for sweater is, and if certain people look good with facial hair or not. Needless to say, it was a great night, and even though my friend and I ended up having to take the night bus home instead of the Metro (SKETCH!), It felt great to actually socialize with French people, rather than just my exchange program friends. (Although I LOVE my exchange program friends!)

Doing fun and unique things like this make me want to do it even more, which is why I’m taking so long to decide if I want to buy this music festival ticket. The only day I can go is my birthday (November 3rd), but the only band I know on that day is Grizzly Bear. As I write this, I’m getting myself familiar with other bands by listening to their music, to see if I even like any of them.

The following night, on Saturday, a group of us girls decided to check out the Fête des Vendanges at Montmartre, but I’ll save that for another post ;)

Don’t think I’ll be buying that music festival ticket… not really enjoying most of these artists.

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