Monochrome + Aluminum Clubmasters

My new favorite color is black. Prior to August 2012, I probably didn’t own a single article of clothing in black. I found it boring, mean, depressing, and stark. Instead, my wardrobe consisted of coral, purple, turquoise, lace, blue jeans, tights, and dresses. I was a girl’s girl, always attracted to the cute-factor of a garment.

Nowadays, however, it’s BLACK all the way, every day, all the time, in every outfit. I love black. It feels as if last year, I dressed as a girl, and now, I identify more as a grown woman. You can go back in time on this blog and see some of my colorful outfit posts! The contrast is quite startling actually.

There is no other color that is as flattering or as easy to build an outfit around. I throw on my black skinny jeans, and the world is my oyster. I can wear them with a graphic muscle tee and moto boots and look bad-ass, or pair them with a white blouse, gray blazer, and heels, and look super sophisticated. Black jeans to me are like water: beneficial to my well-being and necessary on a daily basis.

Can we talk about my new sunnies? Ever since starting work at a Sunglass Hut, I’ve suddenly felt the need to have expensive sunglasses in my life and adorning my face, and you can never go wrong with a good ol’ pair of Ray Bans (my dream collection also includes a pair of mui mui and prada sunglasses…but that will never happen with this part-time income).

These are the black Aluminum Clubmasters: slightly larger than the normal Clubmasters, made with metal instead of plastic, and with sharper corners for an edgier look. They also come in bronze, silver, and gunmetal. Seriously, I throw these on and instantly I feel like my coolness factor increases by 100 imaginary cool points. The only downside is that they’re quite heavy and leave red marks on my nose where the nose pads rest… but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. They also have a lot of gaps through which the sun peeks, so, their function as sunglasses is slightly negated, but… oh well! Style isn’t always synonymous with functionality.

Final thoughts are, I need to work on my posing. Sometimes I can be so awkward!

Do you think expensive sunglasses are worth the cost in terms of quality or are we just paying for the brand name? Also, how do you feel about black?

Pants: BDG cigarette, Urban Outfitters
Tee: Tilly’s
Boots: Éram (Paris)
Ray Bans: Sunglass Hut
Nekclace: Forever21/Grand Canyon souvenir shop
lipstick: Revlon Berry Haute

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