The day has come / what to wear to the airport

The day that I’ve been anticipating for an entire year is finally here! Moving to France. It’s a huge step, and although I feel the butterflies, I also feel a sense of calm. The kind of calm that comes when everything feels right – like it’s all going to work out. I had a bad week of worry, fear, and anxiety, but I’m glad to say that at this point, I’m feelin’ gooood.

Deciding what to wear on an international flight has always been a slight dilemma for me. I want to be comfortable, but I also want to look like an international woman of mystery. On top of that, I have to wear the heaviest and bulkiest things in my wardrobe, since they take up too much space in my limited suitcase space. With all this in mind, this is what I came up with:

My base is some black leggings, paired with a long, oversized tee that has some gray accents. I threw on my warmest and heaviest coat, slipped on my comfortable moto boots, and topped it all off with a gray bowler. This outfit checks all my boxes, plus, it saves my hat from becoming a squished mess in my suitcase.

Can we stop and take a moment to appreciate my new textured coat? It’s the warmest I’ve ever owned, and I love how it adds a satisfying layer of texture to any outfit. All hail TopShop, provider of all things wonderful! I also love how the gray tones in the shirt tie in the gray of the hat; Had I worn all black I think the outfit would have been quite boring.

Black Furry Coat: TopShop Petite
Oversized Patterned Tee: Daydreamer LA at Urban Outfitters
Pants: BDG at Urban Outfitters
Black Bucket Purse and Gray Bowler Hat: Forever 21
Boots: Éram

Next time I write, It’ll be from another continent! À bientôt!

I'm a Californian in my mid-twenties who studied Art History and lived in France for 3 years. I blog honestly about my travels, share my thoughts on life, and get poetic about art and photography. I also sell prints of my photographs on Etsy.

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