Favorite YouTubers: Fashion and Lifestyle

My primary source of entertainment is no longer pop-stars, blockbuster movies, or reality TV shows – it’s the Internet.  YouTube is the fabulous place where people just like myself can start producing content; cooking, fashion, personal style, lifestyle vlogging, travel, DIYs, exercise, humor, short films, music… literally anything and everything!  In case you’ve been living under a rock, I’m here to inform you of the next generation of digital entertainment, by sharing just a few of my absolute favourites.

The best thing about YouTube is how normal everybody is.  It’s similar to blogging, but on another level.  The viewers and the producers are equal, and the intimacy with which they share their lives and personalities create unique relationships.  Even though I’ve never met these people in real life, I feel like I know them as friends, in a way.  They interact with their viewers both online and in-person, and speak directly to us via a camera lens and a computer screen.  Also, most of them not only create videos based on a specific topic or theme, but also vlog their daily lives and/or travels.  In theory, watching somebody’s daily activities would be either boring or creepy, but somehow, it’s so interesting!  (and it’s not creepy because they voluntarily post the vlogs!!)

So without further rambling, here are some of my favorite YouTubers – the ones whose videos get me excited when I see them in my Subscription box!

youtuber essiebutton estée

Essie Button, real name Estée (like the makeup brand Estée Lauder), is first and foremost a beauty blogger.  Blogging is how she started, and she continues to write great product reviews and the like.  However, what I really love about her is her personality and her daily vlogs.  I don’t even care so much about all the makeup and skincare products she talks about – I don’t have a lot of money to spend on various products – but I just love hearing her talk about them!  There’s something also quite therapeutic about watching another person apply makeup – does that sound strange?  She’s hilarious and reminds me a bit of myself in her goofiness.  She’s a self-proclaimed grandma in that she owns frumpy pyjamas, prefers to stay home, doesn’t like to party hard, and makes the cheesiest jokes.

She hails from Canada, but moved to London a few years ago.  This is another reason I can totally relate to her!  We both made huge international moves, and it’s inspiring to me that she’s made such a happy life so far from her home country.  Her and the boyfriend Aslan (like the lion) do quite a bit of travelling as well.  They’ve vlogged, Morocco, Canada, Rome, Copenhagen, and are currently in the middle of road-tripping through Scandinavia.  It’s like living vicariously, as one does with travel photography, but in high-def and accompanied with the familiarity associated with friendship!

Beauty Channel:  EssieButton
Vlog Channel: EssieButtonVlogs
Blog: Essie Button

youtuber jenn I'm clothes encounters

There’s a reason that Jenn made it into my list of Favorite Instagram Accounts.  If I had to choose the person who’s style I admire the most, it would be Jenn.  She is just so freaking COOL.  The outfits she puts together are never boring and the fashion lookbooks she films are on point with the filming backgrounds and music.  She lives in the Bay Area, so there’s an abundance of colorful, textured, or graffitied walls to model in front of.  She even gives most of her outfits clever names like Beanie Babe, Dark Lolita, and Cold Shoulder.  She also vlogs her travels, concerts she attends, and events she goes to, which are always filmed with an artistic eye.

She’s got a street-wear edge about her, and often incorporates thrifted pieces into her looks.  She never, or rarely, includes designer pieces, which is so refreshing in an overly-luxurified fashion industry.  Most super successful fashion blogs are all about the impossibly expensive designer brands, something I just cannot relate to in any way.  In fact, when I hear of all the high-fashion labels a person is wearing, it just creates a distance and resentment.  I’m just glad that streetwear is gaining more respect and visibility.

Jenn’s Channel: Clothes Encounters


youtuber_claire marshall

Claire is the epitome of Los Angeles, rockstar cool.  She makes a plain white tee and jeans look amazingly and effortlessly hip.  Maybe it’s the tattoos, the attitude, the confidence, the hair, or all of the above.  She lives in a gorgeous LA studio with her black cat Brucifer Lee (who you can follow on Instagram), and a kick-ass collection of black boots.  I really love a good sit-down, talking video, but sometimes a little bit of music and fancy editing hits the spot.  She’s probably one of the best and most detail-oriented video editors on YouTube – she’s got this video featuring her all favourite MAC lipsticks in which she’s lip-syncing a super-fast Nicki Minaj song… it must have taken her so many takes and so much editing time! Check it out here.

Claire’s Channel: Claire Marshall


you tuber fashion citizen

The Fashion Citizen is composed of two sisters, twins, named Melissa and Stephanie.  Melissa’s style is very girly and elegant, often with a ladylike vibe.  She’s got a pixie cut and wears a lot of white, pastels, camel, and navy, with an abundance of collared blouses and sparkly jewelry.  Stephanie is the dark one, preferring black, graphic tee shirts, flatforms, and even the odd holographic or tie-dye piece.  Both of their unique styles are amazing, and it’s part of what make their channel so special.  The looks they put together are never boring, and since they’re both pretty frugal, they’re always sharing their thrift or sale scores.  They live in very hot Arizona, so they’ve been able to film in some awesome desert settings.

Mel and Steph’s channel: The Fashion Citizen

I hope you enjoyed this essay of a post on all my favorite YouTubers!  Can you tell I really love this topic?  I’d absolutely love to start making videos – I’ve actually uploaded a few, but since I don’t have a proper video camera, I’m not that happy with the quality.  It also takes a different type of confidence to move and speak freely in front of a camera.  Maybe someday I can be as natural and successful as these ladies!

I'm a Californian in my mid-twenties who studied Art History and lived in France for 3 years. I blog honestly about my travels, share my thoughts on life, and get poetic about art and photography. I also sell prints of my photographs on Etsy.

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