Favorite YouTubers: Fashion and Lifestyle

My primary source of entertainment is no longer pop-stars, blockbuster movies, or reality TV shows – it’s the Internet.  YouTube is the fabulous place where people just like myself can start producing content; cooking, fashion, personal style, lifestyle vlogging, travel, DIYs, exercise, humor, short films, music… literally anything and everything!  In case you’ve been living under a rock, I’m here to inform you of the next generation of digital entertainment, by sharing just a few of my absolute favourites.

The best thing about YouTube is how normal everybody is.  It’s similar to blogging, but on another level.  The viewers and the producers are equal, and the intimacy with which they share their lives and personalities create unique relationships.  Even though I’ve never met these people in real life, I feel like I know them as friends, in a way.  They interact with their viewers both online and in-person, and speak directly to us via a camera lens and a computer screen.  Also, most of them not only create videos based on a specific topic or theme, but also vlog their daily lives and/or travels.  In theory, watching somebody’s daily activities would be either boring or creepy, but somehow, it’s so interesting!  (and it’s not creepy because they voluntarily post the vlogs!!)

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Found Objects of May: 5 Gorgeous Instagram Accounts

My favourite social media outlet is, without a doubt, Instagram.  Twitter can be funnier, for sure, but I definitely prefer images.  You can get an actual glimpse into someone’s life, and it encourages you to find good things in your own life to share.   It can also be very inspiring – some of instagram accounts out there are like art portfolios.

I’m constantly on the hunt for new people to follow, but I thought I’d share with you the top 5 accounts that I consistently give hearts to.  I know there’s so many other wonderful Instagrammers out there, but these are just a handful of the greatness that I’ve discovered thus far!  I tried to pick accounts that don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers already, in an attempt to distribute the love more evenly all around.

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