Breakfast in the Marais

Last Sunday I made the (somewhat) long trek from the 15th over to the 3rd Arrondissement, just to have a taste of Breakfast in America. As you can probably guess, it’s an American-themed diner-type restaurant complete with breakfast items of all sorts, shakes, and a lunch menu of burgers, fries, and the like. The only disappointment? NO HASH BROWNS. Major let down. But the bottomless mug of strong American-style coffee instantly redeemed my mood.

They even had a variety of shakes, including one called “Obama” that had peanut butter, along with other ingredients. Needless to say, it was tasty.

{Breakfast in America – a taste of home}

{Enjoying our “Obama”}

{Breakfast Burrito & BOTTOMLESS cup o’ joe}


{Too enthusiastic}

After breakfast, we explored the Marais a bit. We first dug through the racks at Vintage Dèsir, an extremely well-priced vintage shop that had plenty of over-sized sweaters to choose from. I believe this one has a sister-store in Montmartre, near the Abbesses metro station.

Rue des Rosiers is the main thoroughfare of the hip Marais district, and has numerous delis and food shops offering kosher goodies. The street itself is inherently charming, due to it’s narrow width, cobblestones, and non-Haussmanesque buildings. The grand boulevards with their 7-story buildings, ornate iron balustrades, and homogeneity are magnificent, but it’s nice to see a different, more down-to-earth, simplified, and varied version of Paris.

I realized taking these street photos, that my photo collection is seriously lacking! It’s inspired me to take more photos in the streets, which I plan to do this weekend, if it doesn’t rain too much.

{Street band}

{Pedestrianized street with lots of delis}

{Rue des Rosiers}

{What a typical French waiter looks like}

{little alley}
Look forward to more Parisian street photography!

Also, I’m looking into taking a 2-day trip to Chartres, a small city about an hour from Paris. They’ve got a great Gothic cathedral, and tons of opportunity for charming street photography. :)

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