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As I was going through a blog-redesign binge in the wee hours of the morning last week, I realised that one of my sidebar categories reads: “Art”, and I haven’t featured an artist in over 3 months! :o So without further ado, let’s get into some art!

Johanna Tagada is an abstract painter who also works with many different media, including painting, collage, photography, textile design, and ceramics. She’s originally from France, but currently lives in Germany. Her heritage is multicultural, and so are her interests; She speaks many different languages, travels often, and is inspired by cultural heritage, especially folk art.

Johanna Tagada

Her irregular patterns and shapes have something of a tribal or naive feeling to them, yet the colours and sparse compositions make it feel quite modern. The pattern below, with its visible painted texture, resembles cracked mud, a motif that brings to mind the ancient past, hunter-gatherers, wild, harsh environments – What makes this image modern is the two-dimensionality and the pastel colour. The best way I can describe her colour palette is: Sun-bleached pastels.
Johanna Tagada
Johanna Tagada
Johanna Tagada

I really enjoy the textile pattern below, as it looks a bit like a quilt – an art form that has a long history and folk-craft connotations.
Johanna Tagada
Johanna Tagada
In her shop, you can find many different kinds of objects, prints, pins, zines, and even hand painted t-shirts. This one’s pretty adorable, and even comes with some tea leaves and a matching card! I’m calling it “The Tea Tee” … heh heh heh.

Speaking of her store, I love the paint-dollop background she has going on! I’ve been looking around for web and blog-design inspiration recently, and her store has a fresh feeling to it.

If you want to learn more about Johanna, I have links to a couple interviews she’s done below, as well as all her other sites. She seems like a wonderful person: unpretentious, open, creative, and optimistic, just like her art. The best way you can support her is to like/share her work, or even better, buy something from her shop!

You can find her here:
Shop – Bonjour Supermarket
Blog – Bonjour Johanna
Portfolio – Johanna Tagada
Instagram: bonjourjohannatagada
Interview about her life
Interview about her aesthetics

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