The Landscapes of Emily Jeffords

As I’ve aged, I’ve become more and more interested in handmade things. For one, they’re usually way more beautiful than mass-produced objects, and secondly, they have meaning – a meaning that is present from the moment they are conceived as ideas in the artist’s mind, until the day you finally place it lovingly in your home, where it will remain for years to come. Not only is that object unique and special, but purchasing it means that you’re supporting small businesses, keeping our economy more community-centered rather than homogenized and corporate.

I think the best way to start incorporating handmade goods into your home is though pottery and art prints. I don’t have the budget to buy large handmade furniture pieces or original canvas paintings (which is my dream!), but I DO have the resources to purchase an earthy hand-thrown mug to drink coffee from in the morning, or a small print that I can incorporate into a gallery wall. In fact, I only own three mugs at the moment because I’m holding out to find handmade ones that fit – I want to assemble a meaningful collection, not just a pack of identical objects filling my shelves.

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Golden Section art

Still Life Sunday – Golden Section Illustration

Today, it is Sunday.  I’ve consumed both a cup of orange-spice tea and a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Not only that, but yesterday marked the last official day of summer.  Mr. Weather must have had the date marked and starred in his calendar, because the orange leaves and thunderstorms appeared like clockwork.

Still lives make me think of the seasons, because so often they feature seasonal flowers, food, and drink.  As I’m finally accepting Autumn’s approach, I felt that beginning a Still Life Sunday would be the perfect addition to this blog.

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Johanna Tagada

Artist Feature: Johanna Tagada / BonjourJohanna

As I was going through a blog-redesign binge in the wee hours of the morning last week, I realised that one of my sidebar categories reads: “Art”, and I haven’t featured an artist in over 3 months! :o So without further ado, let’s get into some art!

Johanna Tagada is an abstract painter who also works with many different media, including painting, collage, photography, textile design, and ceramics. She’s originally from France, but currently lives in Germany. Her heritage is multicultural, and so are her interests; She speaks many different languages, travels often, and is inspired by cultural heritage, especially folk art.

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I Love You, Erin Drewitz Photography

It’s time for Artist Feature No. 2! This month, I’m featuring the photography of Erin Drewitz.

I was browsing through Etsy, hearting away, when I ran across her Pigeons & Whales photograph. Some people might look at this image and feel underwhelmed, simply because the beauty of it is wonderfully understated. I’ll explain this more in a moment.

Erin describes her work best, as “an exploration of textures, light, shadow and color,” and I totally agree. I love the cool, desaturated tones she uses, as well as the simple, rather mysterious and uninhabited subjects she captures.

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