Retro Mini Dress

After painting my nails a bright red, I was in the retro mood, so cinched myself into this (really short) dress. On a hot, NOT windy day, this dress is wonderful, and makes me feel so breezy.

I love this bag. Every time I wear it I feel instantly cooler and more interesting, probably because I got it at a thrift store for about $5, and that makes me feel great. Great deals are great!
I curled my hair, parted it to the side, and pinned my bangs into a subtle twist, which is sorta like a very tiny victory roll.
I’ve realized I need to start buying more accessories. All I own are earrings! I’ve been wanting to wear bangles or stacked bracelets, but I don’t own any! My plan is to find some cool gold-colored ones at thrift or vintage stores. I think I used to feel intimidated by any non-earring jewelry, but I’m ready to be adventurous!

Dress: F21
Flats: F21
Bag: Thrifted
Nail Polish: Sephora

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