Daydreams of Tulip Fields

For the first time ever, I’m welcoming a guest blogger! Suzette, from the travel blog Try Something Fun, is here to share her experience of the beautiful Skagit Valley tulip fields in Washington. 

Flower gardens are one of my favorite things to see when I’m traveling because they bring me peace. They truly drain the stress right out of my world. There are other reasons as well; gardens are often designed with cultural concepts in mind. In Japan, some gardens are examples of harmony between man and nature. I can definitely see the truth in that, because the colors and shapes orchestrated by nature just amaze me sometimes.

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Redo: Red Pants and Vintage Top

Okay guys – I feel like I wear these red pants CONSTANTLY, but the more I wear them, the more they mold to my body, and the more comfortably they fit! Plus, who knows how long (or short) this colored pants trend will last? I want to take full advantage of the trend before it’s considered to be old news.

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