Midnight in Paris

One of the activities of my Intensive French Course was a “Cinébalade,” which pretty much translates to: Movie Stroll. The movie on which our stroll was based was Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. I’m assuming you’ve either seen or heard of it by now, but if not, it’s a wonderful movie full of quirky, funny, interesting, and lively characters based on real writers, artists and intellectuals of the past. And of course, it’s set in Paris.

We also learned about the history of the Latin Quarter and the Sorbonne, the famous bookstore Shakespeare and Company, and had the opportunity to go inside a very old and well-known restaurant called the Polidor. It’s still open for business today, and the prices aren’t outrageously expensive! I mean, this is relatively-speaking, as every single restaurant in Paris is very expensive in general.

Among other things, we saw the steps Gil sits on when he is first transported to the past in the automobile – the beginning of the magic in the film!

{The steps! With some guy in the way…}

{Inside the church the steps were attached to}

{The Polidor}

{Sign reads: The Polidor has not accepted credit cards since 1845.}

{Rustic – Spiral Stairs}

{Woody Allen}

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