Jardin du Luxembourg

My feet may be seriously injured, and I think my Achilles heel is bruised. I’m not sure how I’m going to get to class and work tomorrow! Let’s just hope my feet heel tonight. I have never walked so much in my entire life, and it doesn’t help that the majority of my shoes are new and require “breaking in.” I’m hoping that my feet will transform into one, rock-hard callous that can withstand absolutely anything and that will be immune to any sort of pain. Here’s to hoping!

On a very sunny, warm day, I hopped over to the Luxembourg garden, a very large green space complete with manicured lawns, overflowing lines of flowers, am impressive Baroque-style fountain, and shady areas with lots of benches. It reminded me of many Impressionist paintings of Parisians at leisure. Sunday Afternoon at the Grande Jatte and Luncheon on the Grass came to mind. I didn’t spend as much time here as I’d like, but I have 4 months to return.

I’ll be sad when winter comes and all the beautiful flowers go away!

{Palace of Luxembourg}

{Shadier Section of the Park}

{Baroque-Style Fountain}
I also took a stroll through some side-streets and went to see St. Sulpice, a church near the gardens. I wasn’t looking forward to seeing this church, as it is classical in style – which doesn’t excite me as much as the Gothic style. However, the sheer size alone is enough to make the most disinterested person marvel a little.

The streets I love the most in Paris are those that are narrow. They’re the most charming, with cafe tables and food vendors squeezed onto the tiny sidewalk. This street, directly behind the Luxembourg palace, had a doll shop! Or maybe it was a museum. It was closed so I couldn’t go in, but it looked delightfully creepy and quirky.

{A Picturesque little cafe – couldn’t resist taking a photo}

{Interior of St. Sulpice}

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