Chateau de Versailles + Our First Dinner Soirée

Last Saturday was a busy day! During a supermarket run that morning, the sky looked bright, yet partly cloudy, and a bit windier than normal. Then, an hour later, as soon as I set foot outside to pick up my friend from the train station… Torrential downpour! My shoes and pants got soaked, and my poor H&M umbrella got snapped in half! The insane storm lasted about 5 minutes, just long enough for me to hop on a bus instead. As soon as we were walking back from the station, the sky was once again clear and sunny! … I’m not used to this weather.

We stopped for a few to browse through an antique market, grabbed a bite to eat at a boulangerie, then headed to the palace. Here were the things I noticed this time around:

Being winter and all, the gardens are quite bare, but I did take plenty of pictures of the gardens last last summer, in this post.

That evening, Erik and I had a couple friends over for a casual dinner party, we ate tiny french pickles, bread, cheese, wine, and I cooked up a little asian stir-fry and rice. There was also much wii-U playing, it was a lot of fun with fantastic company! I am very seldom a hostess, so I was a bit nervous our guests would be bored or wouldn’t like the food, but we were having such a pleasant time that we almost lost track of the time and missed the trains! It all worked out in the end. I didn’t take any pictures :)

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