Ballerina Bun for Short Hair

I used to be so jealous of girls with long, flowing locks, because they could just throw their hair up effortlessly into a chic bun at any given moment! I was jealous, that is, until I discovered what I like to call: the doughnut. You can buy these at any beauty supply store, they only cost about $4, and they create the illusion of voluminous hair, even if it is short, and thin.

My hair is about collar-bone length, and I had just enough hair to pull this bun off. Here are the steps in visual form:

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Put hair into a high ponytail, leaving bangs out if desired. Don’t worry if it’s not super smooth, I tend to prefer hairstyles that aren’t too perfect. If hair falls out in the back, twist it and secure right below ponytail with a bobby pin.

Grab hold of your handy-dandy hair doughnut. You can buy them in different colors to match your hair, mine is blonde to match my light locks. You want a matching color because if the hair in the bun separates, you don’t want the doughnut to look obvious through your hair.

Put hair through the doughnut so that it rests around the base of the ponytail. At this point, you’ll look like a little girl from the early 90’s with an extremely over-sized and obnoxious scrunchie in her ponytail. Savor this moment in all its awkwardness.

Tease hair gently with a comb. This is to add volume to your locks, to create enough surface area to cover the doughnut. At this point, it’ll look like a hair volcano erupted on top of your head. Savor this moment too.

Wrap hair around doughnut and pin into place. If you have short hairs that don’t wrap all the way around, you can even pin directly into the doughnut as it is made of mesh. Play around with it until you like the shape.

There really isn’t a sixth step, I just included a side view and numbered it for the sake of consistency!

VOILA! End result:


Have fun!

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