Of Fringe and Funks

It’s that time again: Time to cut some fringe over my forehead. I’ve been feeling so underwhelmed with my hair, but now that it’s starting to grow out quite long again, I think fringe would take it to the next level. Whenever I’ve worn my bangs down, I always feel so much cooler, more mysterious, and just prettier in general. Also, changing hairstyles always gives me a little boost in confidence.

And speaking of feeling good, I’ve been feeling pretty darn good lately, despite one speed bump that’s got me feeling sad at sporadic moments throughout the days. However, I think I’ve discovered the secret formula – no, not for Krabby Patties – but for getting out of a sadness or anxiety-induced funk. It is as follows:

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Ballerina Bun for Short Hair

I used to be so jealous of girls with long, flowing locks, because they could just throw their hair up effortlessly into a chic bun at any given moment! I was jealous, that is, until I discovered what I like to call: the doughnut. You can buy these at any beauty supply store, they only cost about $4, and they create the illusion of voluminous hair, even if it is short, and thin.

My hair is about collar-bone length, and I had just enough hair to pull this bun off. Here are the steps in visual form:

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