The Paris Memoirs: Marché Aux Puces de Saint-Ouen

Flea Markets – where else can you find such a wide array of STUFF? When you go to flea markets, you find things you never knew you wanted. For instance, I don’t typically sit at home making shopping lists that consist of “fabric scraps,” “miscellaneous beads,” “gilt frames,” “amateur oil paintings,” “skeleton keys,” and “kitschy teacups,” and yet, the minute I set foot within a flea market, I just want ALL of the things!

The Flea Market of Saint-Ouen in northern Paris is perhaps the most famous in the city, I’ve heard there are plenty more that are more reasonably priced, but this one sure is charming, only once you get past the two blocks of seedy-looking pop-up shops selling the lowest quality clothing, phone cases, and, pardon my language, other random shit.

Once you get out of the metro, keep your eyes fixed straight ahead and make a beeline for the REAL flea market, don’t be fooled by the tourist trap that comes first. This blogpost gives really good directions, complete with map and all!

Now – enjoy these photos! I only took pics of the little alleys that contained mostly “junk” or knick knacks. The market also boasts a large collection of fine antiques, which you should check out if you have the money or the desire.

I bought the postcards in this post from this little market stall. I tried speaking French to the little lady there and she gave me a small discount :)

I plan on visiting other Paris flea markets in the future, and when I do I’ll be sure to let you know how they compare.

For clear directions to the market, see:
This blogpost
The official website

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