Palace de Versailles

One of the activities I accomplished with my mother was the enormous Palace/Chateau of Versailles. Think Marie Antoinette and her husband Louis the sometheenth. (Sorry guys, not so good with historical details!)

The interiors are ridiculously detailed and gaudy, it actually got rather sickening towards the end of the visit. But I’d say it’s still worth a visit.

Aside from the main chateau, you can also explore the gardens, two smaller palaces, and the Queen’s hamlet. We saw everything there was to see, and I have to say the smaller palaces and hamlet were much more enjoyable, simply because they were far less busy.

It’s a super short train ride out to Versailles, followed by a ten minute walk to the palace. There is a lot of walking involved if you decide to explore the gardens, so wear comfortable shoes. Or you can rent a golf cart for around 35 Euro.

The gardens were gorgeous! I’ll be posting pictures of the gardens in a separate post. :)

{I adore tiny decorative details!}

{Such great colors and textures}

{Everything is so…frilly}

{I took about fifteen pictures of these details alone}

{Formal bedroom of Marie Antoinette}

{If Marie A. had a helecopter, this is what it’d look like}

{Hall of Mirrors}

{Looking awkward in the Hall of Mirrors}

{Crazy ceiling}

{Another ridiculous ceiling}

{LOVE doors}

{It’s Marie}

{Interior Courtyard}

{Moi in front of the gate!}

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