The Gardens of Versailles in Autumn

During the two years I’ve lived near the Versailles gardens, can you believe I’ve never seen the fountains when they’re turned on? You see, there are lots of Baroque fountains and groves peppered throughout the massive gardens, but since they’re so old, they can’t be running water constantly. So every weekend (excluding weekends in winter), all the fountains turn on and the entire garden is filled with the sounds of water and Baroque music. It really adds to the ambiance – which is impressive, considering the gardens already have a ton of ambiance to begin with.

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Redo: Red Pants and Vintage Top

Okay guys – I feel like I wear these red pants CONSTANTLY, but the more I wear them, the more they mold to my body, and the more comfortably they fit! Plus, who knows how long (or short) this colored pants trend will last? I want to take full advantage of the trend before it’s considered to be old news.

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