Notre Dame

I’m back with some more pictures!

This was my second excursion of the semester. This trip particularly will remain in my mind because it was the first moment of authentic enjoyment I felt in Paris after the dismal loneliness of the first few days. It was the first time I felt myself relax and thoroughly enjoy being in Paris. I didn’t think I’d enjoy seeing Notre Dame as much as I did, but it was beautiful! I was able to leisurely stroll through the streets taking pictures. The entirety of Ile-de-la-Cité had such a charming ambiance. One of these days I’m gonna go back and see St. Chapelle and wait in line to go inside Notre Dame.

{Me in front of Notre Dame}

{It’s so big!}

{Look at that detail!}

{Side view}

{Garden at the back}

{More of the garden}

{A band playing Parisian Jazz}

{The Seine}

{The Seine again}

{Petite Rue}

This is only part one of that day – pictures of the flower market to come soon!

Also, today I start my babysitting/tutoring job! And I’m now three days into my Intensive French course – today in class we watched Paris Je T’aime!

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