Louvre – First Visit

My Grandmother was in Paris a few weekends ago, and I was able to show her around Paris. We went to the Louvre, but we were all extremely exhausted from all the traveling and early mornings, so we didn’t spend a ton of time there.

We did see the brand new Islamic arts collection though! And it was really beautiful! Some things were a little boring (some of the pottery and shards of tile), but there were also some gorgeous and unique treasures like intricately carved jewelry boxes, ancient suits of armor, ornate and jeweled teapots (or “genie” lamps… I don’t know the proper names of things), and mosaics that used the most gorgeous shades of blue. There were also many rugs, architectural fragments, and carved wood doors. I think the most fascinating thing about Islamic art is all the surface decoration and patterning.

{Love the use of turquoise and rust}

{Incredible, how well-preserved this is}

{I want this in my kitchen cabinet}

{Such a cute little iridescent bottle}

{I want these in my kitchen too}
By the way, just a little practical advice: I think it’s much more convenient to enter through the Carrousel (like an underground mall beneath the Louvre), because the lines seem to be much shorter there. If you stop at metro Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre, you can enter directly into the Carrousel from the underground station itself, just follow the signs. Signs are your best friend.

Also, here are two other non-Islamic works we saw. We also visited the Mona Lisa, but it was a zoo with all the people crowded around. I didn’t care enough to fight my way close enough to get a good picture.

{The ancient Greeks were fantastic}

{Botticelli’s women are so pretty}

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