Quick Outfit of the Day – New Winter Scarf

First of all, let me apologize for the horrendous quality of these images! Let’s just call them “vintage” and “cool” instead of pixelated and grainy. ;)

You know those days where everything you wear turns out FANTASTIC? But you have nowhere to go and nobody to look good for?? Well, I had one of those moments today. I then thought to myself, “Hey wait! I have a blog!” So I quickly snapped some webcam photos, edited them Instagram-style, et voila!

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Paris Green Sweater + Neutrals

Rember that thing I used to do… when I would take photos of my clothing, and then post them on this blog, telling you where each piece was from? Something called an outfit post??

Yeah, I forgot all about those too.

The reason I haven’t been doing outfit posts is simply because I wasn’t able to pack my tripod, and it’s extremely awkward to attempt outfit photos without one. If you’ve ever tried, you feel my pain. Trying to prop up my camera on a chair or table (or on a chair on top of a table), also making sure that it’s pointed at the right angle, in focus, and lit well is extremely challenging and irritating.

However! I asked my new friend Katie if she’d take a few shots of me as we were enjoying the rare sunshine in the Parc de la Tour Saint-Jacques. There will probably be far less outfit posts than there used to be now that I’m in Paris, but that just means more posts on the city itself!

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