Last Week: LA, Velvet, and Disneyland.

Currently, it’s almost midnight, it’s raining (a rare occasion), I’m listening to the Swingin’ Christmas station on Pandora, and burning the Cider Lane candle from B&BW which smells like caramel apple cider. Today, I had no plans or commitments, and consequently took TWO, yes that’s correct, TWO naps, drank hot chocolate and ate a hot apple crumble pastry. Looking back, today has been fantastic.

However, lately I’ve been a little uninspired about what to post on this blog. Apart from looking back at my time in Paris, there’s nothing too exciting happening in my life at the moment, at least exciting, blog-post-worthy things. The highlight of my day yesterday was coming home to my cozy bed; I recently adorned it with some Christmas lights and a red sparkly garland. I also went to Disneyland with my bff Natalie a couple days ago, which was super fun, but usually my life consists of work and school and being a homebody. Yes, there are fun things to do out here, I live close to LA, but for some reason I never feel inspired enough to venture out of my bubble. Probably because I’ve lived here my whole life.

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