Office Inspiration

Now that my life here in France seems to finally be picking up speed, I find myself dreaming of creating my own personal office space, so I’ve compiled this small collection of office inspiration pictures, all found on Pinterest! Currently, we have not one, but two beds sitting next to one another in the downstairs section of the apartment – the second bed has served us well for the hosting of guests that has been ongoing for the past couple months, but I think it’s time to clear out some space for MOI!  I hope to find a new home for our second bed and slowly start assembling a little space for myself.

I especially love these images I’ve found on Pinterest.  I love that the dominant shade is white, with pops of metallic, wood, and/or bright color (except the completely monochromatic desk in the second picture!).  After a bit of research, I’ve discovered that Ikea not only sells full-on desks, but they also sell table legs and tops separately.  The desk in the image below is assembled from these Ikea parts, but they painted the legs copper, which makes it look amazing!!  What’s nice is this particular combo would only cost about 40 bucks or so – not bad for a desk, especially one that can be easily disassembled when it’s time to move.  I’d actually love to do the exact same thing, unless of course I find a beautiful desk on the side of the road… On Sundays people throw their big items on the street for disposal.  Yesterday, my friends who just moved into town scored a coffee table from the sidewalk!

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