Purple Trees and Summertime Sadness

It’s only two weeks into summer vacation and I’m already going crazy with free time. And I don’t mean crazy in the good sense. I was supposed to take a French conversation course this summer, but it was cancelled last minute unfortunately. So, with my 15-hour-a-week job, and nothing else on my plate, I’ve had a lot of time to lounge in bed…and lounge in bed some more.

I used to enjoy doing nothing! But I’m so eager for the future to get here that long, empty days really annoy me. But more on that future in a later post!

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Paris Green Sweater + Neutrals

Rember that thing I used to do… when I would take photos of my clothing, and then post them on this blog, telling you where each piece was from? Something called an outfit post??

Yeah, I forgot all about those too.

The reason I haven’t been doing outfit posts is simply because I wasn’t able to pack my tripod, and it’s extremely awkward to attempt outfit photos without one. If you’ve ever tried, you feel my pain. Trying to prop up my camera on a chair or table (or on a chair on top of a table), also making sure that it’s pointed at the right angle, in focus, and lit well is extremely challenging and irritating.

However! I asked my new friend Katie if she’d take a few shots of me as we were enjoying the rare sunshine in the Parc de la Tour Saint-Jacques. There will probably be far less outfit posts than there used to be now that I’m in Paris, but that just means more posts on the city itself!

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Spring Has Sprung

It’s official! Spring has arrived! …at least in California (The flowers say so).

For those of you who live in colder, more seasonally varied areas of the world, I encourage you to live vicariously through these pictures of springtime blooms! I found these bobbing beauties at the Japanese garden (the one nobody knows exists) on my school campus. Many of these are soon to be posted in Etsy!


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