Wandering Wednesdays

Wandering Wednesday is back! It’s been a solid few months since the last one, but let’s just focus on the present, shall we?

This Sunday, I ate a scrumptious and very American brunch at Breakfast in America. Bacon, root beer, pancakes, and salsa on eggs – we always thoroughly enjoy our trips there. We went to the location in the lower Marais; the dining rooms are a bit less packed-in than the location in the Latin Quarter.

Afterwards, we took a walk down towards the river and over the islands, through the 4th arrondissement. I love this area of Paris. A good chunk of it, aside from the immediate vicinity of Notre Dame and Berthillon ice cream, is so quiet and calm – or maybe it was just the winter chill that kept people away. I remember attempting to get ice cream this summer and the main street of île-Saint-Louis was PACKED with tourists. When there’s barely any people on the street, it feels like your own private world. I loved it. I kept an eye out for more color that day, since so many Paris pictures seem to be dominated by shades of white, gray, and taupe.

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